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The following are current writings by W.A. Rusho which have been, or are being published.

My short story “The Knights Last Stand” was my first published piece in the anthology Romantic Heroes.

You can find it here on Safkhet Publishing or directly from Amazon.

My debut novel: "Legend of the Mystic Knights" is available NOW!.

The world has been taken over by evil monsters spawned in hell itself. So powerful is this evil that civilization has been stuck in the medieval times for the last 1,000 years.  The only hope for humankind is a page training to be a knight.  Is this simple page the one prophesied to remove the evil from our world?  Can this page become a knight, so he can fulfill his destiny?  All he needs to do is survive.  NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.                                                                                             

You can read an excerpt of my novel here.

As a present to you, here is a free zombie 2 part story for you to read.

                                                                                            Being a big fan of the zombie genre, I wanted to write a zombie story.  In these stories or movies, a person dies and becomes one of the undead, a lifeless unthinking creature, but what happens to the person inside, what happens to the consciousness that once housed that body?  Read and find out.


“Trapped in a Zombie World” is a free online story from me to you!

Thank you for your support.