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This seems to be a standard for authors now, putting some questions that readers may have asked of them. Being a new author, I have decided to follow the pack and put on my list of frequently asked questions.  If there are any questions, you want answered, please email me.

What is the premise of your novel?

Legend of the Mystic Knights is based upon the premise that an evil force was set free in the world around 1100 A.D.  As a result of this evil, technology being focused on defeating it, so the world has been stuck in the middle ages for the last 1,000 years.

What is unique about Legend of the Mystic Knights?

Unlike other fantasy novels, I decided to add as much reality as I could.  Many fantasy writers build a world, without showing how people lived in it, or the weapons in these novels is generic.

As a historian, I decided to describe a world which shows how people lived during the middle ages.  My novel includes tools used by carpenters, bakers and farmers, and how they used these tools.

The above, also applies to weapons. Swords are a staple for fantasy novels, but in reality, swords were not used against all opponents.  Specific weapons were designed against precise targets, and I made sure to describe these in my novel also.

Instead of creating creatures (which I also did), the majority of my monsters in my novel come from medieval myth and legends.  I include different species of dragons, and also a cryptic monster from Switzerland.

What else allowed you to create realistic fight scenes?

I am a martial artist, also a semi pro-wrestler. This experience has allowed me to study medieval fighting techniques, both armed and unarmed, and describe each aspect of a fight.

There is more to a fight than punching or swinging a sword.  Shifting of body weight, or the movement of your feet, are all important elements of combat.  By describing these minute details, I allow the reader to view this fight in their minds, resulting in a more realistic fight scene.


I will be adding more questions over time, so please come back and visit.